Namify is a tool to drastically reduce addressing mistakes when sending personalized email.

Upload your CSV

Or use it as an API

curl --form csv=@in.csv > out.csv

How it works

Sending personalized email is a great way to connect with a lot of people at once, but having addressing mistakes like writing "Dear Mr. Jones" to a woman sure spoil the fun.

When you upload a CSV containing a list of people to Namify, it checks which columns the first names and form of address (Mr./Ms.) are in. Then it changes the address to match the gender, and adds another column telling you what it did.


Namify will convert this

Address  Name        Vorname    Email
Mr.      Carlo       Capocasa
Ms.      Maria       Schürmann
Ms.      Klaus       Nowitzki
Mr.      Ullmann     Frank

To this

Address  Name        Vorname    Email
Mr.      Carlo       Capocasa
Ms.      Maria       Schürmann
Mr.      Klaus       Nowitzki      Ms. to Mr.
Mr.      Ullmann     Frank      Not found

Recommended use of the explanation column

After receiving your results, it is a good idea to glance over the explanation column and make sure Namify's changes were plausible. Also pay attention to "Not found" and check whether the person has a rare name, or perhaps first and last name were switched, another common mistake. You can delete that column once you are satisfied with the results.

Privacy Policy

Your uploaded data is processed by software and is deleted the moment you finished downloading your results. No one ever looks at it.


Namify is a free microservice. Care is taken to make sure that it works as well as possible, but no form of warranty, express or implied, is offered.